Carissa Leigh has announced the release date of her upcoming debut EP.

'The Blackbird EP,' named for the legendary Blackbird Studios, is set for release on April 28. The project consists of four tracks from Grammy-winning producer Tone Def. Leigh co-wrote all the songs on the EP with help from Brian White (Trace Adkins, Rascal Flatts) and Clay Mills (Darius Rucker)

“I want to make an album that sounds like Lynyrd Skynyrd had a baby with Dolly Parton,” Leigh says. “It’s country with a little bit of rock and pop. It’s everything that I love.”

The EP includes Leigh's first single, 'Bad Boy.'

“We were just talking about relationships,” Carissa says on her website about the single. “A girl says she wants a nice guy, but she doesn’t really want a nice guy. Every girl wants to date a bad boy, and all guys want to be the bad boy too!”