Bucky Covington thought he had his new album in the can ... that is, until he heard the song that would not only be added to the disc, but would instantly become his new single. 'A Father's Love' knocked the singer out so much, he immediately returned to the studio and even mixed things up a bit vocally for the new track. It's a song that really hit home with him, and he's sure it will do the same with listeners everywhere.

"The weird thing is, I thought the album was done," Bucky tells The Boot, "but this song came across the desk three weeks ago, very late, and it was one of those that as soon as you heard it, it was 'gotta get on that one.' I think anybody over the age of five can relate to it. It's saying how you bought your first home, and your dad came over and took his flashlight and went all over the house fixing this, fixing that, but never said he liked the place. And the gist of the song is pretty much he's saying I love you the only way he knows how. It's just a magnificent song -- I absolutely loved it."

Bucky says that because he grew up with two fathers -- a dad and a stepfather -- he was able to relate the song to both of them.

"It was a no-brainer for me. On that song, we did some things different, too. Every time I go into a studio I try to push it as high as you can, and this song is completely different. Not only did we not push it, we dropped it. I'm singing it with a completely different key of my voice than I usually do. I liked it, it was something different, it pushes you."

'A Father's Love' will hit radio stations this month.