Bucky Covington is such a small-town boy at heart that he moved five times around Nashville before finally finding his perfect home -- in the country, of course! Bucky tells The Boot that he loved growing up in a tiny town, and while many of his friends couldn't wait to leave, he really couldn't picture living anywhere else.

"I grew up near Rockingham, North Carolina," explains the singer. "A lot of people couldn't wait to get out of there, but I was totally opposite. People say there's nothing to do there, but to me, all you need is a twelve-pack and a campfire! I always had a ball. I was a very outdoors person ... I grew up on dirt bikes and four wheelers and boats and jeeps and that's just what I do now."

Bucky adds that ever since he relocated to Music City he had been searching for just the right place to live."I finally found it. It's 40 minutes outside of Nashville on 80 acres by myself! I finally moved back out to the country. It's beautiful out there ... it's my fifth house in three-and-a-half years! My cell phone doesn't even work out there! I'm one of five people in America who has a landline now!"

Bucky will leave his home in the country to participate in the re-opening ceremony of Nashville's Hard Rock Cafe on Wednesday (Dec. 30).