Bridgette TatumBridgette Tatum may be a brand-new voice on country radio, but she's certainly a familiar face in Nashville. The seasoned songwriter has been writing in Music City for years and just recently celebrated her first No. 1 hit: Jason Aldean's 'She's Country,' which Bridgette co-wrote with Danny Myrick. Now, the South Carolina native is putting her own voice to her music, releasing her debut album later this year, with its first single, 'I Like My Cowboys Dirty,' hitting country radio this week. She describes her new music as much different than what's topping the country charts these days, as her sound is a bit ... "greasy"?

"I used that word a lot when we were in the studio -- 'Let's get greasy!'" Bridgette tells The Boot with a laugh. "That's downhome; that's when it gets in your soul ... Country music is a big world, and a lot of people can live in it, so I think there's room for what I do, and for what Carrie [Underwood] does, and Taylor Swift, and for a lot of different people if radio will give it the chance and let people hear something different. And my stuff is different, but it's not so left of center that it's not country music, because those are my roots -- along with gospel music -- so if anything crosses over, I'm still a country artist at the end of the day!"

Watch Bridgette's video for 'I Like My Cowboys Dirty' after the jump. Then come back to The Boot tomorrow to watch her behind-the-scenes commentary on the video.


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