Let's face it, even country fans can't get pop's song of the summer out of their heads. Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" is the longest-running No. 1 hit of 2012, topping the charts for nine consecutive weeks (so far). The covers of "Call Me Maybe" are countless, as fans and even music superstars -- including Keith Urban -- have flooded YouTube with their own performances of the song. (See Keith's laughter-filled version of "Call Me Maybe" here.)

Bridgette Tatum is the latest star to jump on the "Maybe" bandwagon, showing a totally different side of her musical self -- yet keeping it country, with banjos, fiddles and the South Carolina native's signature twang. Listen to her version of "Call Me Maybe" below.

"That song is so hooky and fun. It's a masterpiece," Bridgette tells The Boot. "She (Carly Rae) has younger fans in the pop world and our version will hopefully bring the song to another demographic of listeners who will appreciate this catchy tune. It doesn't sound like a kids' song now ... it just sounds like a song which I think country listeners just might appreciate."

Bridgette admits it wasn't her idea to cover the infectious song -- that credit goes to Bubba, of the syndicated "Big D and Bubba" radio show, who convinced the "Hillbilly Rockstar" singer to do it. The two have been good friends ever since meeting at a St. Jude's charity event.

Bridgette's "Call Me Maybe" was co-produced by Danny Myrick, who was also her co-writer on a catchy tune they penned for Jason Aldean, "She's Country."

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