Zach Pietrini and McKenna Bray's new song is tender and honest about love, and its accompanying music video matches that tone. There's no grand gestures, no loud, dramatic moments — just two people living side by side and supporting each other.

Directed by Josiah Weiss, the new video — premiering exclusively on The Boot — stars Sierra Peterson and Andy Fruitt and, explains Bray, "was meant to be an honest look at love."

"When we reflect on what love is, in an everyday sense, it’s made up of tiny, unremarkable moments: A vulnerable conversation. Washing dishes. Watching from a distance. Arguing. Coming back together," the artist continues. "We tried to capture this reflective state by juxtaposing an emotive dance with images of a relationship, not just the good ones, because, ultimately, love is a choice to move towards each other no matter what."

Indeed, Peterson and Fruitt's characters exist together through the ups and downs as Bray and Pietrini alternate on lead vocals. In the chorus, they profess, "When it falls apart / don't know where to start / You hold me when I'm cryin' on the floor / When it's dark outside / Need a place to hide / Yours are the arms I'm runnin' for ..."

"Yours" is one of five songs on Pietrini and Bray's forthcoming collaborative EP, Modern Love. As solo artists, she's based in Memphis, Tenn., and blends traditional roots with modern pop; he, meanwhile, leans toward indie-influenced Americana.

Caleb Fisher produced the Modern Love EP, which Pietrini and Bray recorded at Nashville's Farmland Studios and Milwaukee, Wisc.'s Cave Studios. The project came about after COVID-19 canceled a planned joint tour; instead of hitting the road together, the pair began co-writing together.

The Modern Love EP is due out on Sept. 10.

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