Football season is here, which means that plenty of fans are tailgating and jamming out to their favorite songs before games -- and a lot of their playlists include a Zac Brown Band hit.

According to a Spotify analysis, "Chicken Fried" by the ZBB is the most popular tailgating song, not just in country music but across all genres. The music streaming service looked through more than 4,000 tailgating playlists to find the songs that appeared most frequently, and "Chicken Fried" topped that list.

"Chicken Fried" became the Zac Brown Band's first charting single in late 2008, then their first No. 1 hit on Billboard‘s country charts. As of April of 2015, the song has sold nearly 4.5 million copies in the U.S. Not bad for a song that the band almost gave away to Alan Jackson!

Brown and frequent collaborator Wyatt Durrette co-wrote the tune, expanding on an idea that Durrette had saved from past writing sessions.

"He sang it to me, and I thought it could be a really good song,” Brown recalls. “We made a list of things that mattered to us and then things that are characteristic of the South. We put every one of those things on that list in the song.”

"Chicken Fried" is available for download on iTunes.

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