Wynonna Judd had a scary moment Wednesday night (Feb. 25) when her tour bus generator caught on fire on the way to a show in Lancaster, Pa., at the American Music Theater.

The fiery-haired singer revealed the news on Twitter and expressed a huge amount of gratitude for staying safe. While many artists would be (understandably) extremely upset about the scare, Judd focused on the things to be thankful for instead of lamenting about the accident.

"So grateful that my Mamaw taught me how to be thankful IN all things (I'm certainly not thankful for the WHAT has just happened..." the singer wrote, before going on to explain that the bus generator caught on fire and giving seven compelling reasons why she was acting so positively in the midst of the heart-pounding accident.

Judd and her band were not on the bus at the time of the fire, and she had another one available to take them to Pennsylvania that evening.

"We have such a great team," Judd says, "everyone is so positive during this hectic experience."

She also explained her own theory about why the accident happened, noting that there is a reason for everything and the blazing distraction was probably caused in order for them to avoid harm somewhere else.

"There is a reason for ALL things," Judd concludes. "This distraction is probably causing us to stop now so that we avoid something even worse that could have happened up the road. I'm grateful. Once again, God is SO GOOD!"

The 50-year-old singer is currently on the road for her Wynonna and Friends: Stories and Songs Tour, which kicked off Jan. 14 in Durham, N.C. The tour features Judd sharing some of her fan-favorite songs and telling stories about her musical inspiration and 30 years in the music business. She'll play in New York on Friday (Feb. 27) and hit up Pennsylvania and Connecticut before her final show in Boston.

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