Willie Nelson has released the music video for 'Who'll Buy My Memories,' with his sister Bobbie Nelson.

The simple clip features the siblings performing the song in a homey studio space, with Willie on guitar and Bobbie playing piano.

'Who'll Buy My Memories' appears on the siblings' upcoming album 'December Day: Willie’s Stash Vol. 1,' but the song was originally released in 1992 on Willie Nelson's album 'The IRS Tapes: Who'll Buy My Memories?,' which helped the country legend pay off a $16.7 million debt he owed the government in back taxes and penalties.

For 'December Day,' set for release on Dec. 2, Nelson worked with his sister to re-record a mix of his greatest hits, deep cuts, covers and some new songs.

“As long as I can remember, Willie and Bobbie, who ride together on Willie’s bus, spend some of their traveling time jamming on their favorite songs,” band member Mickey Raphael writes in the liner notes. “Bobbie has a travel-size keyboard on the bus, and Willie’s guitar, Trigger, is always by his side. This is where the idea for ‘December Day’ was born. ‘Why not record our favorite songs like we play them for ourselves?,’ Bobbie asked.

“When it comes to a brother-sister collaboration with the longevity of Willie and Bobbie, there is beauty in keeping things simple,” he continues. “‘Less is more’ is the underlying theme. We’ve heard these songs before, but not like this. The spontaneity born out of familiarity is what this record, ‘December Day,’ is all about.”

'December Day' is available for pre-order here.