Willie Nelson sat down with Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and their co-hosts on The View on Tuesday (Sept. 18) to talk about, among other subjects, the uproar among his fans over his recent political involvement. The country icon says he isn't all that bothered by those who oppose his support of Texas' Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke, who's going up against Republican Ted Cruz for a Senate seat this fall.

“I’ve been supporting Democrats all my life ... I haven’t hidden it that much," Nelson tells Behar and the other hosts, adding that he has no qualms about ruffling the feathers of his fans. “I love flak ... We’re not happy ’til they’re not happy.”

An outspoken proponent of legalized marijuana and same-sex marriage, Nelson has long been a supporter of democratic candidates, but his rally concert in support of O'Rourke, which is coming up on Sept. 29, is a first for the country superstar. Nelson says he's got no reason to apologize for his vies, though.

“Everybody has an opinion,” Nelson explains. “Everybody has a right to an opinion. I think I have one too.”

Nelson just released My Wayan appropriately titled collection of songs made famous by his long-time friend, Frank Sinatra. Nelson says that Sinatra's perspective on popularity parallels his own: “If you liked him, fine; if you didn’t, that’s cool," Nelson explains.

My Way was released on Sept. 14 and is available for download now. It follows his earlier 2018 album, Last Man Standing.

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