Willie Jones breaks the country music mold on many levels as a fresh new face in the industry. The rising artist is debuting the music video for his new song "Runs in Our Blood" exclusively with The Boot; readers can press play below to watch.

"Runs in Our Blood" is an all-American anthem, and its music video was filmed against the backdrop of a backyard barbecue with friends and family. Directed by Ryan Francis, the clip captures a cross-section of southern American culture that Jones' smooth vocals and clever lyricism highlight.

The Louisiana native made his first splash in the music scene when he appeared in an audition for The X Factor at the age of 17. Jones says his heart is in country music, citing influences such as Charley Pride and Sam Hunt, but he has struggled with the limited representation of African-Americans in country music. "Runs in Our Blood" removes color from the equation and tells the story of American family and traditional values.

"I had the best time shooting my first ever music video for "Runs in Our Blood,"" Jones shares in a press release. "My family and a bunch of my good friends flew in from Louisiana to be a part of it ... I will remember that day forever, straight up."

Jones is joined in his "Runs in Our Blood" music video by rock legend Steven Adler of Guns N' Roses, who plays drums on the song, tying together the melting pot of musical influences behind Jones' style, which is an effortless blend of hip-hop and country. Jones is writing and recording his first EP, which is due out this summer; he will also be on tour this fall.

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