Will Chase, who plays megastar Luke Wheeler on the hit TV show Nashville, has found a perfect fit with the ABC drama. After spending years as a theater actor and earning guest roles on several TV shows, having the opportunity to combine his two biggest passions, singing and acting, into one role is a dream come true for Chase.

"I got my start in music theater, so I’m most comfortable singing," Chase tells The Boot. "My favorite days are the performance days, because I grew up on the stage ... I had done Smash on ABC, and that was basically my music theater stuff, but this opened up a whole new thing."

Chase is just one of the Nashville cast members who is both a seasoned musician and actor (Charles Esten, Chris Carmack and Sam Palladio are among the others), which he says creates a unique camaraderie among the cast.

"What’s funny -- I’m the only one in this group of men who is not a writer. I never wanted to write; I don’t want to write. I just want to sing and act," Chase says  "... Every now and then, you’ll get a text: 'Hey, I’m playing at so-and-so, do you want to come sing?’ But it’s at, like, the Bluebird. It’s not in somebody’s basement."

The Kentucky native adds that he's incredibly grateful to be a part of the award-winning drama.

"I started as a guest star. You never know, and the writers never know, is this character going to latch on, and are we as writers going to latch on to this character?" Chase explains. "But I like it, because when I became a series regular, they really start to think three-dimensionally. And it’s great ... I like messy, and I like real life. I think messy relationships is real life. It’s fun to see somebody else have messy relationships too."

Nashville airs on Wednesday nights at 10PM ET on ABC.

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