Since signing to Average Joes Entertainment in September of 2018, up-and-coming artist Sam Grow has been busily crafting and recording the songs for his debut project. Now, the first two of those songs -- "History" and "Boots" -- are out, and Grow is excited to to introduce his music to a new fanbase.

Although fans may be just getting to know him as a performer, Grow has a long history of writing songs in the Nashville community. Songwriting is his first love, and as he furthers his career as an entertainer, he makes it a point to choose songs that reflect both what he would want to hear as a fan and also his own unique personality and musical style.

At first glance, listeners may see Grow as a "big, tattooed, motorcycle-riding guy" -- and he is -- but there's plenty about the artist that will surprise listeners who look beneath the surface. For one thing, he once shared a stage with Kanye West! Read on to learn more.

Sam Grow Shares an Acoustic Performance of "Boots"

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