Lainey Wilson has come a long way from her early days as a resident of rural Louisiana, helping out on her family's farm. Since then, the singer and songwriter has moved to Nashville and spent time cultivating her own sound and style.

Now signed with BBR Music Group, Wilson has created and perfected her own unique sound, which she calls "bell bottom country": a cross between easy listening and hard truths. As anyone who has frequented Wilson's shows and meet and greets can attest, the aesthetic also extends to her fashion sense.

“My songs are a part of who I am," explains Wilson in her official biography. "As my artistry has grown, it’s just kind of taught me not to be ashamed of who I am. To love everything about my life -- even the harder parts -- because all those things make me who I am. We never want to go through the hard times, but I’m thankful for the ones I’ve had, because I’ve gotten the songs I have from those experiences.

"I’ve found that the more vulnerable I am and the more truthful I am, whether it is funny, or sad, or whatever -- the more honestly people connect with me and my music," she adds.

Wilson released a four-track EP, Redneck Hollywood, in the fall, co-writing all of the songs included in the collection, which she says showcases her identity. Wilson explains, “This project gives a snapshot of my story and moments in my life that have led me to exactly where I am today -- growing up in northeast Louisiana, the word ‘redneck’ was a way of life. It’s a word outsiders would use to describe us and a word we’d proudly call ourselves."

Want to know more about Wilson's story? Read on to learn five fun facts about the star on the rise -- and press play above to watch her work her songwriting magic.

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