Dee White is in his early 20s, but although he's young, he's got an inclination toward vintage sounds. The native Alabamian released his debut record, Southern Gentleman, on March 1 via Easy Eye Sound and Warner Music Nashville.

On Southern Gentleman, White's Roy Orbison-esque vocals spin into jangly country instrumentation, complete with steel guitar swells and grooving fiddle that complement the rise and fall of his silky smooth voice. It's not weighed down by production, making it an evergreen record that's just as based in modernity as it is in the classic country music by which White is inspired. He's got the sensibilities for compelling songwriting and a diligent approach that's revealed throughout the course of the album, which sets him apart from his peers.

Since high school, White has been surrounded by a legion of supporters in the industry, who have helped propel his natural talent to the next level, and it's safe to say his career is off to a booming start. Want to know more about him? Read on to learn five must-know facts about the rising artist.

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