Whitney Duncan made her debut on the long-running CBS-TV show, 'Survivor: South Pacific,' Wednesday night (Sept.14), where she joined 17 other contestants as they compete for the grand prize of one million dollars. The country singer says she is thrilled to be part of the Emmy-award-winning series.

"It was harder than I thought it would be, but it was amazing!" Whitney shares with CMIL. "I applied last year and didn't make it on the show, but they called me this year and I went to L.A. to audition. "Luckily, they picked me!"

Whitney did keep one thing hidden from her fellow island residents. "I kept my music career a bit of a secret," admits the 27-year-old. "I just told my tribe I was a songwriter, because I wanted them to take me seriously. I didn't want them to think I was there just to promote my career ... those kind of contestants irritate me. I am a 'Survivor' fan.

While she may have kept her celebrity status on the back-burner while on the island, when it comes to her cousin, Holly Bobo, who has been tragically missing for more than five months, Whitney is more than willing to use the TV series as a platform.

"I definitely talk about her on the show," she notes, adding that agreeing to be on the show in the midst of her family turmoil took a lot of painful consideration. "It was difficult being away from my family and not knowing what was going on during filming," "It was most definitely one of the hardest decisions I've had to make. After much discussion with my family, I decided it was best that I do the show. I would regret not doing it."

While the blond beauty can't reveal the outcome of the show, she can share her plans for the future. "I am working with producers Dann Huff and Brandon Hood on an EP that will be out this fall!" she reveals on her website. "I absolutely love these new songs and hope ya'll will too. Also, we should have 'Right Road Now,' my Warner Brothers record that was released in 2010, in my store soon in case you don't have it yet.'

Whitney's song, 'So Sorry Mama,' from that CD can be heard in the upcoming, highly-anticipated film, 'Footloose,' which hits theaters October 14.

'Survivor: South Pacific' airs on Wednesday nights on CBS at 8:00 PM ET.