Western Centuries are premiering their new song "Three Swallows" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to hear the Americana trio's new track.

With its R&B-inspired groove and hard country lyricism, "Three Swallows" is a song that's all about finding freedom while enjoying a little bit of self-pity. It was inspired by a brand of whiskey that's perfect for a good night of wallowing.

"If you look closely at a bottle of Powers brand whiskey, you'll often see the image of three swallows on the label or embossed in the glass," Western Centuries' songwriter and vocalist Ethan Lawton says. "I don't know the story behind the birds, or if it was meant to be a pun or not, but I always thought it was clever and worthy of putting in a song."

It also provides a perfect double entendre: "The chorus of "Three Swallows" sounds like it's just a song about backsliding, drinking and smoking, and it is," Lawton adds. "But it's more specifically about leaning into that combination of sorrow and freedom that you feel when a relationship is finally over and all you wanna do is blow off some steam and be a bit self destructive."

"Three Swallows" appears on Western Centuries' forthcoming new album, Songs From the Deluge. Comprised of Lawton, Cahalen Morrison and Jim Miller, the band brings experience with acts such as Eli West, Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers to its sound.

Songs From the Deluge is set for release on April 6 on Free Dirt Records. Visit WesternCenturies.com to learn more.

Listen to Western Centuries' "Three Swallows"

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