Austin-based singer-songwriter Wendy Colonna is debuting her new track “Girls Like Me” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

Fans of both Lucinda Williams and Motown soul will find much to like in Colonna; the Louisiana-born troubadour brings a decidedly fresh spin on twangy Americana. “Girls Like Me” is an upbeat anthem written for the women who don’t quite fit the mold.

“Girls like me / We don’t get enough / We don’t get to see that side of love," Colonna sings in the chorus of "Girls Like Me." She tells The Boot that the song is for those "who dream and love big in non-conventional ways despite the pushback we often experience from our cultural norms.”

"Girls Like Me" was written as Colonna worked on her newest project, the forthcoming No Moment But Now, alongside producer Mark Addison.

"On top of the creative and career parts of the vision, we got to talking about how, at 37, I was also dreaming of having a rockin’ new album and yearning for partnership and family,” Colonna recalls. “We talked about all the amazing women we knew who were 'girls like me' and decided it was a great place to jump into a songwriting session."

No Moment But Now, Colonna’s seventh album, is set for release on May 19. It’s going to be a big time for the artist, who will be delivering a son around the time of her new record's debut.

No Moment But Now is available for pre-order via PledgeMusic.

Listen to Wendy Colonna, "Girls Like Me":

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