Since the murder of Wayne Mills last November, friends and family have been looking for answers and justice. Unfortunately, their wait has been extended: The second-degree murder trial for Mills' accused killer, Chris Ferrell, has been pushed back almost five months.

The originally scheduled court date for Ferrell was Nov. 17, but a new date of March 2, 2015, has now been issued, according to the Davidson County Criminal Court.

A court representative provides a sliver of insight into the date change, saying, “It could be the the defendant’s attorney, it could be the District Attorney, it could be the judge. It could just be scheduling for that date."

In addition to the delayed trial, a discussion docket stemming from a previous incident with Ferrell, including assault, vandalism and interference with a 911 call, has been moved from Nov. 17 to March 2.

The murder of Mills sent a shock wave through the country music community. According to reports, the fatal incident took place at Pit and Barrel, which Ferrell owns, in downtown Nashville on Nov. 23, after the men argued about Mills smoking a cigarette in a non-smoking area. As the pair argued, other bar patrons left, and Mills died from a gunshot wound to his head.

The bar owner was charged with second-degree murder on Dec. 6 but holds that he was acting in self-defense. He was released from jail in mid-December after his bond was lowered. The autopsy confirmed Mills' death was a homicide.