Walker Hayes is now the centerpiece of a massive corn maze in Tennessee, and with the world in a craze over corn, it couldn't be more on trend.

Corn mazes are a fall tradition, just like pumpkin patches and haunted houses. Each year, the Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Tennessee designs a country music-themed maze, and this year — for their 20th anniversary — they opted for the "Fancy Like" singer's mug.

The layout is a simple bust of Hayes with the words "Nashville <3's Walker Hayes." This year's design is a partnership with 103.3 WKDF-FM.

Fans can visit Honeysuckle Hill Farm themselves and take their shot at navigating the maze. From a bird's eye view, it appears much of Hayes' facial features aren't accessible — just in case some were hoping to get lost in his dreamy, albeit corny, eyes.

The "Y'all Life" singer also shared the design on Twitter, alongside a snapshot of Tariq, who has become an internet sensation for declaring his love for corn.

"Someone say corn?" Hayes writes with a crying laughing and corn emoji.

Hayes recently released a song titled "That Dog'll Hunt," which tributes his late dog, Skeeter. Rather than crafting a ballad to remember his bloodhound, he opted for an upbeat track reliving good times riding in the truck with Skeeter and his wife, Laney. He wrote the song before his career-defining hit "Fancy Like."

The Alabama native has a busy fall schedule ahead of him, with the Glad You're Here Tour kicking off on Sept. 29. Parmalee will be a special guest on the trek, which will continue through Nov. 12. It's the "AA" singer's first headlining arena tour.

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