"It's a heavy song, but this is a heavy subject," Wade Hayes tells Country Weekly of his brand-new tune, "Is It Already Time?" The autobiographical lyrics were inspired by the country star's recent battle with Stage IV colon cancer. "It's about my experience, when I found out I really was in trouble," he says. "And every word of the song is true."

"Have I lived my life? Have I written my last song? / Is this really real? Have I reached the end of the line? / Is it already time?" Wade sings in the chorus of the song, which will be featured on an upcoming album. (Download "Is It Already Time?" for free at CountryWeekly.com.)

The Oklahoma native was diagnosed with cancer in December of 2011. In addition to enduring several rounds of chemotherapy, he almost died from internal bleeding during surgery. "I shouldn't even be here," Wade reflects, "but I am so I want to make the best of it."

The now cancer-free singer, best known for hits such as "Old Enough to Know Better" and "On a Good Night," has a new lease on life. He's back in the studio recording songs for the new album but is also carving out more time for his personal life.

"I'm doing some things I've been putting off for a long time and start living a little bit," he says, going on to explain that some of those things include working on the new farm he recently purchased just east of Nashville, and going back home for his class reunion. Wade is also working hard to spread the message of cancer awareness.

"If you think something's going on, there is nothing wussy about going and getting it checked out," he advises. "I let my symptoms go, because I'm a man and I'm stupid! Had I gone and gotten checked early, I wouldn't be in this condition and I wouldn't be worried about my future. It's the most fixable kind of cancer there is, unless you let it spread. A lot of people are uncomfortable talking about colon cancer, but it's much easier to talk about it than to be buck naked in front of people I've never met and to go through chemotherapy."

Download "Is It Already Time?" at CountryWeekly.com.

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