Americana duo Violet Bell are premiering the music video for their song “Dream the Wheel” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Readers can press play above to watch.

The title track for Violet Bell's most recent album, “Dream the Wheel” is, as the band says, a song about cycles: “It’s about riding the waves of change -- the light and the inevitable dark that comes with it,” they explain.

“Every generation has a moment to lead, and then falls away with the passing of time," Violet Bell tell The Boot. "The present moment is a reflection of our ancestors’ choices. Now it’s our generation’s turn to determine our future with the choices we make today."

A cemetery and old house provide the perfect backdrop for the music video for the brooding, moody "Dream the Wheel." Vocalist Lizzy Ross sings her part from a claw-foot bath tub, occasionally singing as water streams down her face. Bandmate Omar Ruiz-Lopez, meanwhile, can be found walking through a graveyard, as if he's visiting the memories of those aforementioned moments to lead.

"We dream of a future that brings light to more people on the planet,” say Ross and Ruiz-Lopez. “We dream of a future that acknowledges our relationship with the Earth and all her people, plants and animals. What would it take to bring that dream to life?”

Formed in 2016, Violet Bell have toured extensively throughout the country, earning fans with their fiery live performances, thanks in large part to the chemistry between Ross and Ruiz-Lopez. Currently touring in support of Dream the Wheel, the band is also working on a forthcoming (as-yet-untitled) album that’s set for release sometime in 2018.

Dream the Wheel is currently available for purchase and streaming. Visit Violet Bell's official website to learn more.

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