Van Halen were one of the greatest rock bands of all time, but did you know they also had country connections? It's possible that some fans don't even realize that's Van Halen in the background of Hank Williams Jr. 1986 music video "My Name Is Bocephus."

As Sammy Hagar recalled in a post to Facebook in January, "Not a lot of people know that in 1986 Van Halen were part of a Hank Williams Jr music video. It was a cool tune and a crazy scene.

"[Drummer] Alex [Van Halen] had just shaved his head, me and Mikey [bassist Michael Anthony] were shooting it like a cue ball – we all had a blast!" Hagar adds.

In the clip below, the band members appear in various crowd shots in a bar where everyone has donned shades and fake beards in order to look more like Williams:

According to the Van Halen News Desk, the members of Van Halen would get "good and crazy" on a regular basis when Hagar first joined the band. They called those times "Bocephus mode" in honor of Williams' legendary shenanigans, and when he got wind of that, he invited them to appear in his video.

Williams would later name-check Van Halen in his 1988 song "Young Country," which says, "We like old Waylon / And we know Van Halen / We like ZZ Top / We like country and rock."

Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen died on Tuesday (Sept. 6), at the age of 65, after battling cancer repeatedly over the course of two decades. Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban are among the many artists from across all genres of music who turned to social media to salute Van Halen's influence following the news of his death.

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