Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley recently went on an African adventure, and the singer says that the trip -- which his wife documented on her blog, the Vogue Trip -- really was as incredible as it looked.

"Hayley started figuring out the trip," Hubbard explains to The Boot, "and really made it an amazing trip from start to finish."

While his wife had been to Africa before, their journey was Hubbard's first time there. She had always wanted to go back, and they finally decided that the time was right in January.

"We just said, 'Hey, let's go here and check it off the bucket list before, you know, we have kids or anything like that,'" Hubbard says. "So, we just did it."

The couple took in as much as they could while on vacation, but they also spent some time giving back.

"We did so many things. From [outreach work] to gorilla tracking to going on safari; seeing the orphans and spending some time with them; going and doing some AIDS research stuff out in Malawi ...," Hubbard notes. "I'd say half was vacation, half was whatever you want to call it: philanthropy, mission work, whatever -- just giving back and trying to help out where you can in the world."

Their adventures in Africa filled Hubbard with wanderlust. He says that he wants to see the rest of the world more -- and his list of destinations is pretty big: "pretty much every country in the world eventually." Next on Hubbard's list, though, is Haiti.

Before Haiti, however, he'll be visiting Australia. Granted, it'll be as part of a tour, but that doesn't lessen his excitement.

"I know it's for work and all, but we're gonna take a few days and enjoy it as well. I can't wait," he says. "We're just gonna keep traveling until we can't travel any more."

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