As a producer on Tyler Farr's upcoming new album, Jason Aldean is more than a seasoned country performer: He's a close friend, too. In fact, the pair are so close that Aldean even appeared as a groomsman in Farr's wedding in 2016. Farr told the Boot at Tailgate Fest 2019 that when he and Aldean collaborate on musical projects, that close friendship allows them to be completely honest without worrying about hurting each other's feelings.

"We're that close to where he kinda tells me what's on his mind," Farr relates. "Like, I'll send him a song I wrote....I'd write a song, get the demo back, shoot it over to him. I know him well enough that if I didn't hear anything back, [I know that] he didn't like it.

"It doesn't hurt my feelings, because I know him," the singer goes on to say. "I think it actually helped, because while we're in the studio, recording and stuff, he didn't cut me any slack."

On the contrary, he goes on to say, Aldean could be pretty blunt. "Like, 'Alright, that was great, but this time, let's sing it in tune.' Or, 'This time, don't suck,'" Farr continues, laughing. "We got some really good stuff back, and I think that's what helped, was being able to communicate and not B.S. each other. Just shoot each other straight and you're gonna get the best stuff, I think."

In addition to their work together on their current project. Farr and Aldean have teamed up musically in the past. Aldean was a guest performer on Farr's 2015 album, Suffer in Peace, and the two artists have also toured together.

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