Country singer-songwriter Troy Cartwright is releasing a brand-new lyric video for his song "My Girl (She's All Mine)," and readers of The Boot are getting to see it first.

"My Girl (She's All Mine)" is an uptempo song that nods to Cartwright's country roots with the inclusion of pedal steel. The lyrics are all about -- what else? A girl -- and the lyric video pays homage to the lady that Cartwright sings about in the song. She's his, and he's hers, and that's all that really matters.

The clip begins with footage of a pretty blonde waking up and getting started with her day: She stretches, showers and goes about her simple beauty routine. Interspersed are clips of Cartwright sitting on a bed with his guitar and singing the simple-yet-catchy lyrics.

"My girl, well, she gets right to me, yeah / The way she's smiling at me, I can't take it / She's hard on me, and she pushes me / And I guess I don't mind / 'Cause my girl, she's all mine," Cartwright sings in the chorus.

He goes on to laud the woman and even admits, "My girl, well, she ain't from Texas / But I give it a rest / She says she likes it here." Cartwright may be a Dallas native, but his love for the Lone Star State pales in comparison to his love for the girl.

The "My Girl (She's All Mine)" lyric video was produced by Paul De La Cerda in San Antonio, Texas. The song comes off of Cartwright's eponymous debut LP, which features nine tracks.

“I got into music because I had these songs that I wanted to sing, and I had things that I wanted to say, and I knew that country music, and specifically Texas country music, it’s an entry point for someone like me," he tells The Boot.

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