After 20 years in the country music industry, Tracy Byrd has joined the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame.

Over the past two decades, Byrd has released nine albums, including 30 charted singles, four gold records and one double-platinum record. His first hit was 1993's "Holdin' Heaven," and the 48-year-old says that he never expected to achieve more than that.

“I just wanted one hit, and that came along, and then a bunch more came along,” he tells KBMT. “It’s kind of just a progression of hard work and some luck and being in the right place, but it’s wonderful. I didn’t know it would ever come, but I’m glad that it’s here.”

Byrd released his last album, Different Things, in 2007. He then decided to take a break from touring and putting out new music to stay home with his wife and help raise their three children in Beaumont, Texas, and he's openly said that he won't release more music until his kids are grown.

Byrd's induction ceremony took place on Aug. 8, at the Civic Center in Carthage, Texas, where the Hall of Fame is housed.

"It's a wonderful honor," the singer says. "I've watched other people go into the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame and been envious of them. I'm glad to finally get the call.

"You work for so long, so hard, in a career, and you hope that people are taking notice to the music and what you stand for," he adds. "These kinds of awards prove to me that I've been staying on the right track."

To gain entry into the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame, which was founded in 1998, an artist must be born in Texas and contributing to the Texas country music scene.

"We've identified over 300 people who fit that category, and we're just so happy to honor Tracy for all he's done for Texas country music, for what he stands for, and we're excited to make this finally happen," says Tommy Ritter Smith, the Hall of Fame's CEO.

New inductees are presented with a blue jean jacket to commemorate the occasion.