Trace Adkins' latest movie, 'Wyatt Earp's Revenge,' will be released on DVD tomorrow (March 6). The Boot has an exclusive clip from the film, featuring the 'Million Dollar View' singer in a gunfight with the great Wyatt Earp, played by Shawn Roberts. (Watch below.)

Trace plays Milflin Kenedy, the powerful father of Spike Kenedy, who is responsible for killing Earp's first love, Dora (played by singer and actress Diana DeGarmo). Val Kilmer stars as the aged Earp, who recounts the events of Dora's murder, and how he assembled the 'Best of the West,' -- Bat Masterson, Charlie Bassett, Bill Tilghman and Doc Holliday (the character Kilmer portrayed in 1993's 'Tombstone') -- to get revenge.

"I like being put in situations where I'm out of my comfort zone: something that challenges me. Acting certainly does that," Trace told The Boot. "I get a kick out of it ... from being afraid that people are going to discover that you have no idea what you're doing. It's always exhilarating."

In more recent movie news, the Louisiana native admitted that he'd love to do a film with his 'Hillbilly Bone' collaborator, Blake Shelton. "Who knows when it might happen or if it might ever happen but I would certainly be open to anything like that," he told The Country Vibe. "Anytime you do something with Blake, if it's not going to be anything else, it's going to be fun. So, I'd certainly be willing to do anything like that."

Trace is currently on the road. His next stop is in Des Moines, Iowa on Thursday (March 8). Get a full list of shows here.

Watch a Clip of 'Wyatt Earp's Revenge'

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