Trace Adkins fans will have the opportunity to take him home with them, beginning March 6. That's when his latest foray into film, 'Wyatt Earp's Revenge,' is released on DVD. The western stars Val Kilmer in the title role, recounting how he avenged the murder of his first love, Dora (played by singer and actress Diana DeGarmo).

Originally titled 'The First Ride of Wyatt Earp,' and based on the true story of the legendary lawman, the film follows Earp's assemblage of a posse which includes Bat Masterson, Charlie Bassett, Bill Tilghman and Doc Holliday (the character Val Kilmer portrayed in 1993's 'Tombstone'). Trace plays Milflin Kenedy, a member of the family responsible for Dora's death.

Trace has been amping up his acting gigs recently, appearing the 'The Lincoln Lawyer' and 'The Healer,' but insists it's still only a hobby.

"I'm not about to walk away from my music career," he told The Boot. "I'm no trained actor. I'm not Phillip Seymour Hoffman or Johnny Depp. I'm probably not going to play a gay hairdresser, but if there is a character I think I can associate and identify with I'll try to do it. There's an old Clint Eastwood line, 'A man's got to know his limitations.' I hope that I know mine. I'm not going to try and tackle a part that I can't convincingly pull off."

But for now, the singer says acting is a rush. "I like being put in situations where I'm out of my comfort zone: something that challenges me. Acting certainly does that. I enjoy doing it. I get a kick out of it ... from being afraid that people are going to discover that you have no idea what you're doing. It's always exhilarating."

Filming a western with a mostly male cast is a change of pace from his home life, where he's surrounded by all girls. Trace opened up to Good Housekeeping recently about being the odd man out and when he realized he wasn't going to have a son.

"I could not make boys," he tells the magazine. "After the last one, I said, 'OK, God, I get it. I quit!'"

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Trace Adkins on 'The Late Late Show'