Trace Adkins celebrated 15 years of wedded bliss with his wife Rhonda last week (May 11), and he says their union is a boost to both his personal and professional lives.

"She's my secret weapon," Trace tells the Country Vibe about his spouse, who previously worked as an Arista Records publicist for Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn, among others. "It's almost unfair the advantage I have over all these other guys, having her in my corner. I don't do anything hardly in this business without talking to her first. I really don't."

The father of five has earned plenty of awards and accolades in career that has spanned almost two decades, but he insists the credit goes mostly to his wife. "I'd be foolish to not rely on her experience," Trace explains. "She's been doing this stuff longer than I have. She's incredibly talented, and I've been the benefactor of that experience and that talent for years now."

The 50-year-old country superstar's success has spanned far beyond his music. He has appeared in several movies, including the recent "Wyatt Earp's Revenge" with Val Kilmer, and has his own brand of sausage in grocery stores all across the country. He has also recently partnered with Maxwell House for their Maxwell House Community Project, which helps build community centers in struggling towns.

Trace is currently in the middle of his Songs & Stories tour, which includes a show in his hometown of Nashville, Tenn. this Friday (May 18). See a full list of concert dates here, and read more about Trace and Rhonda's love story here.