The memorable moments in Trace Adkins' life include near-fatal accidents, being shot by his second wife, and a battle with alcohol.

"I was getting to the point where I was poisoning myself [by drinking so much]," Trace tells GAC, in a one-hour 'Backstory' special.

Trace's family, including wife Rhonda and four daughters, finally arranged an intervention, encouraging him to get sober or risk losing them.

"I wish for anybody out there to never have to go through one of those intervention things where you sit down there and people start telling you what you're doing to them," Trace says with a sigh. "You're so weak that it's come to this. Man, I hated myself at that moment."

After the intervention, however, not only did Trace's life take a turn for the better, so did his career. Since getting sober, Trace has enjoyed a string of successful albums and singles/ was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.

Trace's latest single, 'All I Ask for Anymore," continues to climb the charts. In November, he'll kick off the co-headlining venture with Martina McBride on their Shine All Night Tour.