Following the news of the devastating electrical fire that destroyed his Brentwood, Tenn., home on Saturday, Trace Adkins has received an overwhelming outpouring of support from concerned friends and fans. He is asking them to re-direct their efforts and generosity to the American Red Cross through CMT One Country to assist those who have lost everything due to the recent storms that pummeled the South and Southeast, instead of sending him anything.

"I have been blessed. My kids are OK, my wife is OK. I have my guitar and my songs. Everything else can be replaced," Trace said in a statement released on Tuesday. "Unfortunately, there are families out there who need help if they're to rebuild after these recent storms. The American Red Cross was one of the first on the scene to help my family and, through their work, others will receive the assistance they need to get back on their feet."

Neither Trace nor his wife, Rhonda, were at home at the time of the fire, but the quick-thinking babysitter called 9-11 and rushed the children out of the house, putting their safety plan in action. Firefighters were called to the scene at 3:35 PM CT on Saturday. The fire originating from the garage quickly spread to the attic, completely engulfing the 5,000-square-foot house in flames, destroying practically everything inside the house and garage, including Trace's Harley Davidson motorcycle and a Cadillac Escalade.

The superstar was en route to Alaska when the fire broke out, so he didn't get the news until he had landed. He returned home immediately. He was scheduled to perform in Fairbanks,

Alaska on Wednesday (June 8) and Anchorage, Alaska on Thursday (June 9). He has decided to keep those commitments and will rejoin his family, who are safely ensconced at their farm south of Nashville, this weekend. He is also scheduled to perform during CMA Music Festival Saturday at Nashville's LP Field.

As a side note, the family's farm serves as the location of his new video, 'Just Fishin',' which also stars his youngest daughter, Trinity. Watch it below.

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