The cause of the fire that destroyed Trace Adkins' Brentwood, Tenn. home on Saturday (June 4) was apparently caused by an overheated or loose electrical connection in a power strip in the singer's garage, according to what investigators with the Brentwood Fire Department told Nashville's Tennessean newspaper.

Firefighters were called to the scene at 3:35 PM CT on Saturday. The fire originating from the garage quickly spread to the attic, completely engulfing the 5,000-square-foot house in flames, destroying practically everything inside the house and garage, including Trace's Harley Davidson motorcycle and a Cadillac Escalade.

Two of the singer's daughters were at home with their babysitter at the time, but were able to call 9-1-1 and run outside, putting their safety plan into immediate action. No one was injured. Trace's wife, Rhonda, was out running errands, but returned home moments later to find her house going up in smoke.

The entire Brentwood Fire Department, including off-duty firefighters, was called to the Adkins' home. Dispatchers sent everyone they could to be able to rotate their personnel often, because of the high temperatures -- inside the house and out.

There is no confirmed dollar amount on the loss of the house.

At the time of the fire, Trace was en route to Alaska, where he was scheduled to perform later this week. Upon landing, he learned of the tragedy and immediately boarded a return flight home. Reportedly, two of his first phone calls were from his friends, Blake Shelton and Brad Paisley.

"Trace wishes to express his gratitude for the immediate response of the Brentwood Fire Department and is humbled by the outpouring of concern from friends and fans," a spokesperson for Trace told The Boot in a statement released late Saturday night.

No word as of yet whether he plans to cancel his Alaskan dates, which begin Wednesday (June 8), or his Saturday performance at Nashville's LP Field during the CMA Music Festival.
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