There's a song on Trace Adkins' new album, 'Cowboy's Back in Town,' which he can personally relate to ... in a very comical way! Trace didn't write 'Hold My Beer' (it was penned by Casey Beathard, Monty Criswell and Ed Hill) but the irreverent lyrics about a redneck wedding actually trigger a distant memory of his second wedding, during which a very drunk preacher was having a lot of trouble seeing which one was the bride and which one was the groom!

"My second marriage, the guy that married us in Tahoe was drunk -- I'll never forget that," Trace tells GAC, chuckling over that long ago memory.

"He was just hammered! He called me by her name and her by my name. He called me Julie -- pointed right at me -- 'Do you, Julie ... ?' After the thing was over, I was like ... is this legal? It was really, really bad!"

Although Trace didn't create the lyrics, he decided to spin a little more hilarity into the wedding storyline of the song by weaving in a drunken minister's opening dialogue ... based upon his recollection of that tangled Tahoe wedding.

"Dearly beloved," Trace deadpans in the preacher's role, "we are gathered up in here today to join in holy monogamony this old feller and this ol' gal he brought with him ... "

"I was channelin' that guy," Trace recalls, with a rumbling chuckle. "When I started the song, I just went, 'Aaaaah, dearly beloved, we're gathered up in here today to join in holy monogamony' ... I made that word up, I thought it was funny though!"

Trace also decided it would be funny to pull from the fictitious pastor, the Rev. I.M. Madd, created by the late Tommy Collins, while intoning the drunken pastor's opening greeting.

"The preacher was always kind of half in the bag every morning when he'd deliver a sermon, there was no tellin' what he was gonna say, so that's kinda how I did it," notes Trace ... who finished his fictitious pastor's reading with a comical, "I now pronounce you ... y'all."

Trace got such a kick out of creating his drunken preacher's ceremonial intonations, that he's now envisioning a video for 'Hold My Beer' -- and he wants a starring role!

"I just thought, 'You know, if I did a video for this, I'm gonna be the preacher," he decides. "And we'll find somebody else to get married ... or whatever."

'Cowboy's Back in Town' is available now. A deluxe edition contains four bonus tracks, including Trace's duet with Blake Shelton, 'Hillbilly Bone.'