Folk-rock five piece Town Meeting are premiering their new song “Geography” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to hear the track.

"Geography" is a laid-back, folksy tune; its wandering melody and poetic lyrics were written by drummer and vocalist Russ Condon alongside his brother, Luke Condon, who also sings and plays guitar in Town Meeting.

"I wrote “Geography” while driving,” Russ Condon tells The Boot. “I was trying to put language to all the unpredictability, mystery and overwhelming beauty that comes with pursuing a life of music."

"I’m full of music, used to losing fights / Rhythm isn’t once or twice / There’s a lot of do or die -- with time,” go the lyrics of "Geography." “Count on me to count you out / If I’m counting on myself / Fallacies are fantasies / You humble little mouse / Go and burn it down.”

Town Meeting released their debut full-length album, If I Die, in 2016. They've shared the stage with folk and country icons such as Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Sturgill Simpson and the Avett Brothers. “Geography” is the title track of the band’s followup to If I Die, the Geography: Part 1 EP; the project hones in on Town Meeting’s diverse set of musical influences, which range from ‘60s singer-songwriter tunes to modern folk-rock.

The Geography: Part 1 EP is set for release on July 28. Visit for more information.

Listen to Town Meeting, "Geography":

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