Toby Keith fans and Gleeks rejoice because 'Glee' is about to get a little bit tipsy. This week, Ryan Murphy, the creator of the hit series, let it slip that 'Glee' writers may be giving Toby Keith's 'Red Solo Cup' the "shiny-happy show-choir treatment," according to Rolling Stone.

How the boozing, musing hit figure into the show's plot lines, no one knows. But one thing's certain -- it will get stuck in your head, just like the original.

An upcoming episode, set to air Nov. 15, will also feature a mash-up of soul sensation Adele's hits 'Rumour Has It' and 'Someone Like You.'

You can hear 'Red Solo Cup' on Toby's new studio album, 'Clancy's Tavern,' out now. The collection has already spawned the No. 1 hit, 'Made in America,' giving Toby his 20th Billboard chart-topper.

Watch Toby Keith's 'Red Solo Cup' Video

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Watch Toby Perform Live in Our Studio

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