He ambled out onstage in a tiny club in Manhattan, New York last June in worn jeans and a brown open-collar shirt, his face shadowed by a trucker's cap. There was no promotion, no fanfare for the unknown country band playing that night, who called themselves, Incognito Bandito. Tickets were just 25 bucks. Nobody in the far-from-sold-out room knew the singer fronting that band was Toby Keith.

And that's exactly what Toby wanted.

"This ain't about Toby Keith sh--," the singer told the crowd right off, in his deep signature drawl. "We just wanted to do this, and we thought if anybody showed up, great ... and if they didn't, f--- 'em."

Toby's set for the rare, undercover club performance that summer night included bad-ass versions of Waylon Jennings' 'I've Been a Long Time Leaving (But I'll Be a Long Time Gone),' Johnny Paycheck's '11 Months and 29 Days,' Roger Miller's 'Chug-a-Lug' and Gordon Lightfoot's 'Sundown.'

Toby has included those four live tracks -- captured at that surprise club show -- on a deluxe edition of his new album, 'Bullets in the Gun,' scheduled to drop Oct. 5. He wrote or co-wrote the 10 new songs -- six with Bobby Pinson, one with Scotty Emerick and Dean Dillon, and the title track with Rivers Rutherford. Toby penned two of the new songs himself, including the current single, 'Trailerhood.'

'Bullets in the Gun,' Toby's fifteenth studio album, was produced by the superstar himself, with help from Mills Logan and Kenny Greenberg on the live Incognito Bandito tracks.

'Bullets in the Gun' track listing:

'Bullets in the Gun'

'Somewhere Else'


'In a Couple of Days

'Think About You All of the Time'

'Kissin' in the Rain'

'Drive It on Home'

'Ain't Breakin' Nothin'

'Is That All You Got'

'Get Out of My Car'

Deluxe Edition tracks:

'11 Months and 29 Days'

'I've Been a Long Time Leaving (But I'll Be a Long Time Gone)'



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