Thomas Rhett's 2023 Home Team Tour launches Thursday night (May 4), and the singer's hitting the stage with the ultimate vote of confidence: The support and love of his four young daughters.

The singer's girls — seven-year-old Willa Gray, five-year-old Ada James, three-year-old Lennon Love and one-year-old Lillie Carolina — sent their country star dad off with some sweet homemade artwork that reminds him just how much they love him. Rhett shared photos of the drawings, which were blown up and framed so that he can take them everywhere he goes on tour.

"My team trying to make me cry first night of tour...sheesh," he wrote on social media, when he shared the images.

Rhett's new tour artwork consists of colorful signed drawings, one of which reads, "We're proud of you daddy!" with a string of small pink hearts. Another, drawn by the singer's oldest daughter, depicts Rhett with guitar in hand, standing next to Willa as both smile.

Ada also contributed a picture of herself with her dad. In this one, she's rocking a long blonde ponytail and dress to match, with a rainbow drawn over the two figures. Even little Lillie drew a handprint and added some extra color with crayons.

Rhett's 2023 tour will keep him busy through late September, concluding with a hometown show at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena on Sept. 29. He's bringing Nate Smith and Cole Swindell along for the ride, and the latter artist commented on Rhett's post about the new artwork that will be adorning the halls backstage.

"Dude..Already the highlight of tour and it hasn't even started!!" Swindell wrote. "Can't wait to kick it off tomorrow night, brother."

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