Whether Thomas Rhett is headlining his own show or opening for someone else, his concerts remain the same: very high energy and with very little downtime.

"We love when you stand up. We don’t like when you sit down, unless you just have to sit down," Rhett tells The Boot and other reporters. "We love to get the crowd involved. We don’t really give you much of a chance to be bored. We really try to make it as fun and entertaining for you as possible, and we work really hard to make it that way."

Rhett is going to have plenty of opportunities to put all of that into practice in 2016: The singer has an opening slot on Jason Aldean's summer trek coming up, but equally exciting is his own European tour -- his first ever -- which is set for November.

"I did some interviews with some people in Ireland, and that was the craziest interview in the world," Rhett admits. "[Brett Eldredge told me], ‘Man, it’s crazy, because they don’t know the singles, but they know your deep cuts, and they’re screaming them.’ So if that’s any indication of what the show’s are going to be like, it’s going to be fun."

Rhett needs no advice about touring with Aldean, though; they're old on-the-road pals at this point. Rhett was part of Aldean's 2013 Night Train Tour, but being out with the country superstar now, first on his 2016 We Were Here Tour and then on the upcoming 2016 Six String Circus Tour, is "a whole lot different," Rhett says.

"People show up, and the place is packed by the time we go on stage. It really is just special to get out there," he explains. "I’ve worked so hard on the set, and we’ve really ramped up our productions. It’s a really, really high-energy environment, that we’ve never really experienced before."

A list of all of Rhett's upcoming shows is available on his website.

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