Thomas Rhett has released the video for his latest single, “Star of the Show.” The song is already the fastest-rising single of Rhett’s career, and its popularity will likely only increase after fans get a look at its fun-loving and unique clip.

Directed by TK McKamy, Rhett's “Star of the Show” video was shot in one single take … and left completely unedited. In the video, Rhett moves from scene to scene, freezing for a split second as he begins a new action every few moments. Readers can press play above to watch.

“This music video was unlike anything we’ve shot before, which is why I always love teaming up with TK," Rhett says in a press release. “He captured that feeling I get when [my wife] Lauren walks into a room, no matter where we are, and the spotlight completely turns to her. The song was sped up double-time to get to point A to point B, and there were a lot of moving parts we had to execute perfectly for the video to make sense. We literally got it in the last take of the shoot.”

Like his CMA-winning Single of the Year "Die a Happy Man," Rhett’s "Star of the Show" was inspired by his wife Lauren and written shortly after their wedding; in fact, it was the first tune that Rhett ever wrote about her. Rhett has performed the song live but had never recorded it until recently.

"It was a staple in our set before we had any hits," Rhett recalls, "and fans still request it to this day."

“Star of the Show” appears on the deluxe version of Rhett’s second studio album, Tangled Up, which is out now and available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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