Thomas Rhett is known for mining his personal life to write hit songs such as "Life Changes" and "Marry Me," but what happens if he runs out of material? The country star admits he worried about that possibility when he headed back into the studio to start working on his next album.

"It's been interesting being back in the studio, because I feel like every time I finish a record, in my head I go, 'I have nothing else to say. How in the world are we gonna write for another record?'" Rhett explained to The Boot and other media outlets at a recent press event. "It's funny how, the minute you get the momentum back and you get into another room and start writing, you realize there's a million things you haven't said about your life, your past experiences."

Since Rhett released Life Changes in September of 2017, he points out, his life has continued to change. For example, the album speaks to Rhett's parenthood at the point when he and his wife Lauren were in the process of adopting their daughter Willa and finding out that Lauren was pregnant with their second child, Ada. "Now," Rhett says, "we're in the thick of the actual happening of being parents."

"As your life changes, there's a lot of different ideas you can pull from," he adds, "and, somehow, some way, the song gods make things fresh again for you."

As he continues to explore different aspects of his life in songwriting, Rhett says the most important thing for him is creating music that is authentic and will stand the test of time. "We're trying to keep pushing boundaries and stay true to ourselves," he says, "and trying to make records that can remain timeless," he adds.

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