The Young Fables, comprised of Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford, are debuting the music video for their song "Two" exclusively for readers of The Boot.

"Two" is the title track of the Young Fables' first-ever record. Its video, which was filmed in Nashville at locations including the Thai Phooket restaurant and Cotton Mill Live, proves the age-old saying that two really is better than one.

“The video concept shows two people who are happy living single but clearly are missing their other half: My character is walking around with a single pigtail and one boot, and Wes' character wears sunglasses with one lens; he also is missing a pant leg in one of the opening scenes. The two awkwardly stab at their meals with one chopstick ... It’s pretty campy and was so much fun," Wright explains. "Ignorance is bliss, I guess; the two characters have no idea that the world will be so much better with TWO!”

The Thai restaurant was still open for business during filming, so patrons surely got plenty of laughs watching Wright and Lunsford act.

“Some of the most memorable moments during the filming were the funny looks we got from the patrons of the restaurant ...," Wright recalls, "and also Wes trying to smile through a freezing water hose in one of the rain scenes."

The "Two" music video was directed by Patryk Larney, along with HMUA artist Chrissy Yoder. It is the Young Fables' first-ever video.

Wright and Lunsford's first meeting was serendipitous: Wright, a former contestant on American Idol, was pursuing a solo career, and when her former lead guitarist backed out of a show at the last minute, her drummer connected her with Lunsford.

"From the first moment I heard Wes play, I've never wanted another guitarist," Wright says.

In addition to making music together, Wright and Lunsford are now dating. The duo is currently under artist development with Hope Tree Entertainment. For more information on the Young Fables, upcoming show dates and music purchase information, visit their official website.

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