The Young Fables know how important community is for up-and-coming artists: The Nashville music scene has encouraged and invigorated the rising duo, and TYF’s Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford have made friends as they’ve inserted themselves into Music City’s musical community. To celebrate Nashville’s lesser-known talents and support their peers, the Young Fables have launched Covering Your Tracks, a video series that will showcase their own versions of other rising stars’ tunes.

“Some [of our Covering Your Tracks selections] have even worked their way into our live set,” Wright notes, “and we’re thrilled to expose our audiences to music we respect by sharing the work in our own way.”

The multi-part series is premiering exclusively on The Boot, and new installments will be posted every other week.

For the newest installment of Covering Your Tracks, the Young Fables chose to cover Liz Longley's "Bad Habit;" readers can press play on the video above to watch.

TYF (winners of the Nashville division of the 2016 NashNext competition) tell The Boot that they were on the road when they first heard "Bad Habit," in the car.

"We fell in love instantly," Lunsford and Wright recall. "In fact, I believe, we played it six times in a row!"

It's easy to see why: The first verse of "Bad Habit," for example, is transportive.

"I couldn't stand the smell of smoke 'til he lit that cigarette / I never felt a temptation 'til I smelled it on his breath," the lyrics remember. "And the night we first kissed on the balcony alone / Well, he tasted like trouble, but he felt like my own."

"Bad Habit" is the first tune that the Young Fables heard from Longley. Though they've never met her, "her style of delivery makes you feel like you are old friends," they say.

"We’ve become fans of all of her work and believe she is precisely the reason why we have embarked on this series. Whatever we can do to help expose Liz Longley to listeners, sign us up," the Fables rave. "It’s baffling that she isn’t already a household name."

Longley, a Berklee College of Music graduate and award-winning songwriter, recently released a 10-track project, Weightless, with Sugar Hill Records. Before that, she dropped an eponymous album, on which "Bad Habit" appears. Fans can purchase Longley's tunes from her official store or on Amazon.

Following a break for the holidays, a new installment of Covering Your Tracks will debut on The Boot on Jan. 11.

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