After hearing one line from the White Buffalo (aka, Jake Smith), you'll be hooked. The singer is premiering a brand-new song, "Go the Distance," exclusively to readers of The Boot.

Smith, a California-bred artist, has a raw, reverberating baritone that's full of artistry and expression. His voice is especially powerful on "Go the Distance," a harmonica-tinged, swing-y tune that tells his lady just how much he loves her.

"["Go the Distance" is] a song about the good times and the strength of love and trust in a world filled with speculation and distraction," Smith tells The Boot. "[It's] maybe the most positive song I've ever written -- praise for my woman and the power of love."

The song begins with the White Buffalo's lover at a neighborhood bar, where she overheard someone talking about him messing around. His response? "People talk, and that’s understood / But don’t listen to him / He’s a f--king peckerwood / And all that s--t comes off my shoe / Doesn’t matter to me / But it matters to you."

But don't let that rather ... er, strong response ... put you off; the next part of the tune is incredibly tender.

"You and I will go the distance / Take you past the sun to the stars," Smith sings. "Your love is my only existence / Your line is just the way I walk."

"Go the Distance" is not a cookie-cutter love song in any way: For example, later in the song, he sings about possibly getting drunk or stoned and stopping at a drive-thru for a late-night snack. He's not afraid to call his woman a "piece of a--" ... but he also sweetly croons, "Your heart is like a pistol / And your body’s like a love song." Yes, this is a love song for those looking for something non-traditional, non-sappy and gritty, yet also gentle at its core.

"Go the Distance" will be available on iTunes on Friday (Aug. 14). The song is from the White Buffalo's third studio LP, Love and the Death of Damnation, which features 11 tracks and is scheduled to drop on Aug. 21.

"With this album, I really wanted to get back to songs," Smith states. " ... This time, I wanted to get back to writing individual stories, as opposed to an extended narrative. I wanted each song to make you feel something.

"In the past, the songs have almost always been pretty dark," he continues. "But this time, I was also able to channel some happier stuff and write a couple of actual feel-good songs."

The White Buffalo will be touring through the end of September to promote his new record. Tour dates can be viewed on his website.

Listen to the White Buffalo, "Go the Distance":

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