Brett and Brad Warren -- better known around Nashville as The Warren Brothers -- have been highly sought after songwriters in town since hitting the music scene 12 years ago. The pair have also released several records including 'Barely Famous Hits' on BNA Records in 2005 as well as their independent project, 'Well-Deserved Obscurity.'

Not always ones to fit inside the box, Brett and Brad recently decided to mix up their standard writing sessions, which consisted of sitting in a room with guitars, staring at their co-writers. The brothers teamed up with fellow brother songwriters, Brett and Jim Beavers, to form The Warren Beavers.

"In this business, you need to always be looking for ways to be creative," Brett Warren tells The Boot. "We created this fake college band, and the four of us wrote together every week until we had 10 songs."

With Brett Warren on drums, Brad Warren on guitar, Jim Beavers on bass, and Brett Beavers on acoustic guitar, The Warren Beavers compiled eight of their favorite tunes they've written together and put it on their "debut" album, 'Bro.'

"It was a fake record, but we used it to shop to all the A&R people in town to get the songs heard for other artists to cut," Brett Warren explains. "We only pressed 200 of these albums. We had a blast making this record. It was so much fun. It was something to get us out of the room with three or four guys sitting around trying to write another country song."

Tim McGraw, who has been a big supporter of The Warren Brothers since the start of their career, put two of the songs from 'Bro' on hold, including his current single, 'Felt Good on My Lips.'

The Warren Beavers have already created quite a stir in Nashville, but don't expect to see them on the road any time soon. "We have sent out fake press releases saying that we are always in a fight, and that's why we can't play out live anywhere," Brett says with a laugh. "We've been asked to play at the BMI Awards and the songwriters festival in Key West, but we always have some excuse to decline. The last one we used was one of us was in rehab! [laughs]"

"Jim is in rehab because he's addicted to the music business," interjects Brad with laughter. "There has also been a big band fight because some of the guys are leaving their wives for supermodels ..."

While you may not be able to catch them in your hometown anytime soon, Brett says they've already been talking about releasing a follow-up album titled 'Here We Bro Again.'