On Monday night (Nov. 16), the final The Voice Battle Rounds wrapped up, with coach Blake Shelton showing off a pair of his more promising team members before making a final decision on who would stay with his instruction.

One of Shelton's pairings of the night — Ben Allen vs. Sam Stacy — were only shown via a montage (Allen won, and Stacy was sent home), but viewers were able to see Aaron Scott and Ian Flanigan's battle in full. Shelton pitted them against each other with a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's classic "Have You Ever Seen the Rain," explaining that he thought it would suit both Scott's rock leanings and Flanigan's country-to-the-bone stance.

The song certainly is one that easily appeals to both rock and country fans, as well as performers of both genres, and the two singers gave it 100 percent of their raspy and soaring-to-Heaven ranges. Flanigan strummed a guitar while performing, which added a little dimension to the battle.

"Fantastic job," said an approving Legend when they finished, also noting that he felt Flanigan showed way more of his personal identity in the performance. Clarkson and Stefani both agreed that Flanigan was the clear winner, commenting on how much they approved of his unique vocals.

"I was, like, glued to you," raved Clarkson. "It was, like, inappropriate!"

While Flanigan looked mildly awkward while attempting to absorb all the fawning, Shelton stepped in and gave his final decision. He first thanked both singers for "putting in the time and the work," resulting in a well-done matchup. Then, predictably, he chose Flanigan.

Like Clarkson and Stefani, Shelton explained that he was impressed by how unusual Flanigan's vocals sounded. "He has got the most unique voice I have ever heard on The Voice," he raved. "He was a dark horse. I was the only one who pushed my button for him!"

Unfortunately, nobody saved Scott, and he was sent on his way back home.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC at 8PM ET.

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