Monday night's episode of The Voice (Nov. 23) was a continuation of the season's Knockout Rounds, which find coaches Blake SheltonKelly Clarkson, John Legend and Gwen Stefani pairing up their artists to square against each other on songs of their own choosing.

Shelton's second Knockout of the night put Ian Flanigan against James Pyle. Flanigan, an "inappropriate!" favorite of Clarkson from the previous week, chose the crowd-pleasing "Beautiful Crazy" by Luke Combs, which he delivered, per usual, while strumming his guitar. Pyle followed this with a short, tight version of Shawn Mendes' pop hit "In My Blood," and while he gave a fully immersed performance, as did the evening's previous Shelton matchup, the country choice seemed to garner way more favor.

Legend termed both vocalists "fantastic," but quickly picked a side. He noted, "Ian, we were marveling at the gravel in your voice. A lot of times singers that can do that, don't have the range that you have."

Speaking of range, Legend also did take the time to praise Pyle, saying he was jealous because "I can't hit those notes."

Stefani, who seemed fixated on dancing after watching Shelton's Jus Jon do some fancy footwork earlier in the evening, asked Pyle if he could dance.

"Not at all," blurted the vocalist.

That said, "I think they are both super talented," Stefani hastily noted.

Clarkson was definite in her direction. "I always end up floating toward you," she unsurprisingly told Flanigan.

"It's exciting to see this enthusiasm and see the talent that you have," Shelton himself directed towards Pyle, then switched immediately to praising Flanigan.

"There's got to be somebody you sound like," he raved. "Do you drink boiling water?" he mused. "It's unbelievable."

Any surprise that Shelton went ahead and called it for Flanigan? We didn't think so.

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