For their newest single, Alabama-born and Nashville-bred five-piece band the Vegabonds released their cover of the Charlie Daniels Band's "Long Haired Country Boy." They're premiering its accompanying music video exclusively with The Boot.

Produced by McLane McGuire of Oxford, Miss.' Team Renegade Outdoors -- whom the group says "did a hell of a job capturing our idea of a great Saturday" -- the Vegabonds' "Long Haired Country Boy" music video finds the band heading to the backwoods in a train of pickup trucks and a four-wheeler. Viewers will also see the group performing the song onstage live in concert, interspersed with images of those titular long-haired country boys hunting, fishing, mudding and enjoying a day at the lake. Readers can press play above to watch.

“We’ve always loved “Long Haired Country Boy” and felt it was a tune we could -- musically -- make our own while still doing the original justice. Our band hails proudly from the South, and as such, the lyric speaks to our upbringing," the Vegabonds say. "Ironically, when thinking about a strong cover we could add to our live set, we found that not many bands had recorded versions of “Long Haired,” so it gave us even more reason to put our best foot forward. And when you have a lead guitarist as talented as we do, why not let them put their foot on the gas?"

Made up of vocalist and guitarist Daniel Allen, drummer Bryan Harris, guitarist and vocalist Richard Forehand, bassist Paul Bruens and keyboardist and vocalist Beau Cooper, the Vegabonds describe their sound as "a brand of rock 'n' roll heavily influenced by Southern rock and modern rock ... both parts familiar and fresh; a mix that always satisfies fans and listeners." They formed in 2009 and began playing at colleges in the Southeast; their debut album, Dear Revolution, dropped in 2010.

The Vegabonds' most recent album, What We're Made Of, came out in 2016. Grammy Awards-nominated producer Tom Tapley produced the project; he also produced the band's cover of "Long Haired Country Boy."

The Vegabonds' version of "Long Haired Country Boy" is available to stream via Spotify. Fans can keep up with the band on their official website.

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