Nashville-based husband-and-wife duo the Smoking Flowers are sharing the intimate, acoustic "(Still) Here for You Now," a re-imagined version of a track on their 2018 album Let's Die Together. In the new rendition, the duo showcases the softer side of the song's message, an ode to commitment and standing united against life's toughest challenges.

The song, originally known as "Here for You Now," first came to life as a love letter from Scott Collins to his bandmate and wife Kim, penned as a statement of support during her battle with an aggressive form of breast cancer several years ago. Today, her cancer is in remission, after she fought the disease using only holistic and alternative methods (with no chemotherapy, radiation or hormones) and a raw food diet.

Following the release of Let's Die Together, the Smoking Flowers are planning to release a companion project called Snowball Out of Hell, on which "(Still) Here for You Now)" will appear. In contrast to the first album's hard-rocking edge, Snowball Out of Hell spotlights the duo's folkier, more-acoustic side; it features two tracks from Let's Die Together, but the rest of the project is new material. Readers can press play below to hear "(Still) Here for You Now," premiering exclusively for readers of The Boot.

According to the group, one strong common thread between Let's Die Together and Snowball Out of Hell is love, and how the foundation of love helped them create both musical works.

"Pyramids are some of the most mystical, powerful and protective structures in the history of the earth," the band explains. "Writing, recording and producing Let's Die Together / Snowball Out of Hell was like erecting a personal pyramid for us. When erecting a pyramid, three cornerstones are required.

"The songs "Here for You Now" (a love letter from Scott to Kim), "Let's Die Together" (a love letter to each other) and "One Friend" (a love letter to a friend) were those cornerstones," they continue. "Those songs gave us immense strength, purpose and protection during a rough time in our lives. Every time we play any of those songs in our live shows, we keep adding stones ... building that pyramid higher."

Snowball Out of Hell is due out on June 21. Fans can visit to learn more.

Listen to the Smoking Flowers' "(Still) Here for You Now"

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