Rising duo the Sisterhood may not be a household name (yet), but their parents certainly are. Ruby Stewart and Alyssa Bonagura -- daughter of rock icon Rod Stewart and daughter of Kathie Ballie and Michael Bonagura, better known as Baillie & the Boys, respectively -- formed the Sisterhood as a way to celebrate their rich musical heritage, and show off their own abilities as well.

"We started the band just for fun," Bonagura tells The Boot. "We kind of came together and merged our worlds together. I grew up on the road with my mom and dad, Baillie & the Boys, and that was a really amazing time on the bus, and she grew up on a plane with her dad.

"It’s a little different but it’s all the same really," she continues. "We’re really kind of bringing in what our parents have played us our whole lives ... Both of our influences are just kind of merging together."

Now signed to Sony Music Nashville, the Sisterhood have opened for a few bigger acts, Rod Stewart included. They took plenty of mental notes, not only about performing, but also about living on the road, when doing so.

"He has such a regimen to what he does: He works out every morning. He eats at the same time. It’s really healthy, when you’re on tour, to keep that habitual thing going, so you don’t feel crazy going from room to room, different hotel rooms. You definitely have to have a regimen sorted out," Stewart says of her father. "Capturing the audience -- we’re definitely learning from the best how to do that."

Adds Bonagura, "Rod really gave us a place on the stage to start our band, so doing that, you remember that, whether it’s a club or a stadium, it’s still the same show. You still have to perform and give the same amount of energy you would at any venue."

The Sisterhood's self-titled debut EP is available for download on iTunes.

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